Competitive Benchmarking to Identify Performance Gaps and Prioritize Areas of Improvement for an Automotive Firm – A Report by Infiniti Research

A renowned market intelligence solution provider, Infiniti Research, has recently announced the completion of their latest competitive benchmarking study for an automotive industry. The study highlights how the client was able to access market opportunities in the target region and improve their performance standards while maintaining their productivity standards.

With increasing competition and evolving technological advancements in the automotive market, companies consistently need to measure their performance with the industry standards set by their competitors to sustain their position in the market. The lack of competitive benchmarking strategies can result in huge loses in terms of sales, leading to a sharp decline in the market position. This has compelled major automakers to adopt a rigorous program to benchmark their positioning and performance against competitors and peer companies in the industry.

Competitive benchmarking allows businesses to assess a competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and implement effective strategies to improve their competitive advantage. Get in touch with our experts to know how we can support your organization in accessing the opportunities in the market.

The business challenge: The client is a leading automotive manufacturer serving throughout the Western United States and South America. With a workforce of 1600+, the company was looking to expand their access to new geographies. With increasing competition and technological advances in the automotive market, the client wanted to leverage a competitive benchmarking analysis to develop a standardized set of processes and competitive benchmarking metrics to improve their market position in target markets. Additionally, by continuously monitoring the initiatives undertaken by their competitors, they wanted to make changes in their marketing procedures to gain a competitive edge in the automotive market.

According to the experts at Infiniti Research, Competitive benchmarking strategies can systematically reveal performance gaps, enhance opportunities, and highlight competitor strategies that need to be countered.

A competitive benchmarking analysis can provide you with more insights into your competitors key strategies. Request a free proposal and know how competitive benchmarking analysis can help your business.

The solution offered: With the help of Infiniti’s competitive benchmarking analysis, the automotive manufacturer prioritized areas of improvement and enhanced their performance standards to stay relevant in the market. This further helped them access all the hidden opportunities in the market and differentiate their business from top players in the market. Moreover, the competitive benchmarking process helped the client to enhance their productivity while reducing costs.

Infiniti Researchs competitive benchmarking strategies helped the client to:

  • Monitor competitors’ key strategies and implement better marketing tactics
  • Evaluate and prioritize improvement opportunities
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Infiniti Researchs competitive benchmarking strategies offered predictive insights on:

  • Enhancing the quality of their products and services
  • Identifying performance gaps and revealing hidden opportunities in the market
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