ClinOne and Uber Health Pave a Path to Help Clinical Trial Patients

ClinOne, a mobile clinical trial management solution, now provides integration with Uber Health to offer simple transportation services for patients enrolled in clinical trials. ClinicalTrialConnect, ClinOnes patient-facing concierge platform, manages patients overall clinical trial experiences and thats where Uber Health comes in.

Our goal with this addition was to develop an easy-to-use solution for patients who had challenges making it to their study visits. We are very pleased with our close working relationship with Uber Health and the support their team has provided to bring this immense value to the patients.

Patient compliance for timely visits is important for the overall success of the clinical trials, obtaining valuable clinical data, and ensuring the safety of the patients. And transportation to visits can be challenging to patients and their families. The logistics involved in securing transportation to their predetermined appointments has long been cited as a barrier to clinical trial participation, triggering missed appointments which are detrimental to patients and study sites. ClinOnes transportation solution provides step-by-step notifications (via text or email) to patients, family members and their research sites. All of this adds to the patients ease, as they navigate their clinical trial journey.

Its easy to overlook the complexities this process may present for a single study. For example, a phase III study could have 2,000 patients enrolled for 36 months, and each patient needs to come in for a monthly visit. Thats 72,000 patient visits and 144,000 trips “ a staggering number, says Rob Bohacs, CEO of ClinOne.

Bohacs adds, We simplify the process for patients, families and caregivers, and provide a true concierge service to patients, which is crucial to our mission. The cost of these services is not prohibitive, and most times less, compared to standard reimbursements for travel and parking.

Studies have shown that approximately 3.6 million Americans, whether urban or rural, miss or delay essential, non-emergency medical care due to transportation barriers. The cost of patients missing treatment windows and causing protocol deviations is a 50-fold increase versus the cost of a ride-sharing service. So, we can see what a difference this can make for a site. Satisfied and well-cared-for patients have been found to stay in studies for longer durations, for increased patient retention and is extremely beneficial to the study outcome.

We are pleased to be partnered with ClinOne. By working together, we leverage our solutions to ensure better access to health and support patients in their time of need, added Dan Trigub, Head of Uber Health.

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