Chronic Pain Sufferers Use Warfighter Hemp; Now Featuring Bath Bomb Mix & 6000 mg Tincture; Gives 50 Percent of Product Sales to Veteran Charities


Warfighter Hemp, a manufacturer of CBD products infused from industrial hemp based in Boulder, Colorado, debuts its largest CBD offering to date, a 6000 milligram full spectrum tincture at the request of those who suffer ongoing pain.

CBD derived from industrial hemp is non-psychotropic and is currently being used by people who withdraw from opioids and manage their pain, anxiety and PTSD, among other ailments. It is easy to use. Customers simply ingest orally by itself or with food or beverage. The 6000 mg tincture is available online for $299.99 at

Warfighter Hemp has also added bath bomb mix to its product line-up. Each eight-ounce jar and four-ounce package contains 50 mg of CBD derived from industrial hemp. CBD in bath salts interact with your bodys CB2 receptors by absorbing through the skin. Because the whole body is immersed, a smaller amount of CBD can be exponentially more effective than by other delivery means. The eight-ounce jar retails for $34.99; the four-ounce package retails for $17.49.

Customers receive 50 percent off their first order by using the promo code: NEW2CBD at

Warfighter Hemp continues to innovate our product line-up to meet peoples requests, said Steve Danyluk, LtCol, USMC (ret) and founder, Warfighter Hemp. We support our customers who suffer from the most chronic pain. With this 6000 mg product and the bath bomb mix, we can help them by providing them more options.

Fighting for CBD Legislation Warfighter Hemp has been on the front lines to get CBD derived from industrial hemp into the hands of more Veterans. Currently, the Department of Veterans Affairs (V.A.) will not provide CBD or medicinal cannabis to patients who need it. Warfighter Hemp is working with legislators in the 116th Congress to re-introduce a bill, H.R.5520 that would allow the V.A. Health Care System to study cannabinoids, CBD, and ultimately provide it to Veterans at no cost as part of their existing system. So far, a thousand Veterans currently in the V.A. Health Care System with service-connected injuries have signed up through a Warfighter Hemp program to participate in the research as soon as the Department of Veterans Affairs is ready. Many Veterans have elected to pay for the CBD on their own rather than take prescribed opioids and psychiatric medications and are demanding the V.A. Health Care System dispense CBD as an alternative. Sadly, a large portion of disabled Veterans cant afford CBD and are trapped taking nothing at all for their wartime injuries or they risk becoming addicted to the medications that are currently dispensed.

We have urgency around the passage of pro-CBD legislation to resolve these issues. The Veteran suicide rate continues to be higher than the civilian population, with addiction to opioids prescribed by the V.A. being one of the reasons, said Boone Cutler, Army Veteran, who witnessed the Veteran medical crisis first-hand the while recovering for two years at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after being injured in Iraq and again in the V.A. Health Care System.

In addition to H.R.5520, The Farm Bill, legislation introduced by Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell and which the House passed in December, allows for hemp to be farmed and sold commercially as an agricultural crop nationwide. Hemp is now a mainstream option for all Americans, so furthering the opportunity to fast track CBD into the V.A. Health Care System is a viable and sensible solution. The United States patent 6630507 on cannabinoids, CBD, further validates the efficacy of CBD beyond what Veterans are claiming.

Our warfighters who are under the care at V.A. Hospitals need to know that help is on the way and other Veterans have their back, said Cutler. Cutler is also the creator of the Spartan Pledge, a simple two sentence oath that a Veteran pledges to a fellow Veteran(s) that they will reach out if they ever find themselves in a time of crisis.

CBD is the subject of Innovations, the Ed Begley, Jr.-hosted program that airs on the Fox Business Network. Warfighter Hemp and its efforts to get CBD into Veterans hands will be featured in early 2019.

About Warfighter Hemp Warfighter Hemp is a Colorado-based manufacturer of CBD derived from industrial hemp. We are comprised of Veterans and non-Veterans who believe in providing an alternative to the prescription painkillers that many Veterans are taking and which prevents them from living their best lives. Our mission is to provide Veterans and non-Veterans with a holistic and natural alternative.

We are a worldwide organization with representatives and ambassadors around the globe. We give 50 percent of our profits back to other charities that support Veterans independence. These organizations include Semper K9, Independence Corps, Spartan Alliance, Villagers for Veterans and Aleethia Foundation.

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