Catchpoint Appoints David Swanger as Chief Marketing Officer


Catchpoint„¢, a pioneer in Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), today announced the hiring of David Swanger as Chief Marketing Officer. Swanger is chartered with helping extend Catchpoints leadership in DEM and working with business and IT leaders to better understand DEMs power as a core enabler of their digital transformation strategies.

David Swanger has led marketing for several disruptive and category-leading companies in SaaS, Service Oriented Architecture, Cloud, Big Data and Security. He previously held the position of Vice President, Product Marketing at Medidata Solutions, as well as prior senior-level marketing positions at Rackspace and Oracle. Swanger has also served as Adjunct Professor at the University of Denver, teaching courses spanning Technology Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

Business leaders face a universal challenge to deliver excellent outcomes to stakeholders while continuously adapting to new technology trends, comments Swanger. Performance monitoring is at an inflection point as the days of traditional application performance monitoring (APM) tools are coming to an end. The fundamentally different approach of Catchpoints Digital Experience Monitoring Platform is in a unique position to help IT teams deliver superb end-user experiences by effectively grappling with todays increased complexity and adoption of new technologies such as microservices, containers, and third parties.

Ensuring fast, reliable performance for modern websites, mobile sites and applications is tougher than ever because these digital services are no longer monolithic, conveniently sitting in an on-premise, easily monitored data center. Instead, modern services are tapestries of SaaS offerings, third-party services, APIs and more, relying on fiber backbones, CDNs, local ISPs, and mobile networks, before appearing in end-user devices. A problem anywhere along this delivery chain can lead to an outage or performance issue, which can negatively impact revenues, brand, and customer or employee satisfaction.

On Davids first day here, he received a welcome gift: Gartners designation of Catchpoint as one of its ˜Cool Vendors, says Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and Co-founder of Catchpoint. Were very happy to have David on board to help us communicate Gartners assessment that we offer monitoring diagnostics largely absent from the rest of the market.

Catchpoints Digital Experience Monitoring platform includes the largest and most diverse monitoring node infrastructure, in terms of sheer number (more than 700), node type and geographic reach. The platform is powered by a proprietary NoSQL In-Memory database enabling the fastest, more accurate performance monitoring data collection and analysis available in the market, for end users in virtually any corner of the globe.

No matter the applicationwhether customer-facing, on-premise, in the cloud, or SaaSCatchpoints monitoring solutions can be trusted to help organizations rapidly pinpoint performance and availability problems anywhere in their IT service delivery chain.

We take it for granted when we want to access our favorite websites and applications, that these will work seamlesslyand end-user performance expectations are increasing all the time, adds Swanger. Im excited to be part of the team making it possible for organizations to continually meet and exceed these expectations, while also capitalizing on the vast new technology opportunities available to them.

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