Cambodia Junior National Canoe Team Members to Visit Japan as Part of Japan Exchange Program JENESYS 2019

Sixteen members of the Cambodia junior national canoe team are scheduled to visit Japan from September 17“25 as part of the Japan Exchange Program JENESYS 2019 promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

We invite the group to enjoy canoe-related tours and lectures in Tokyo, and then to visit Ishikawa Prefecture to participate in the 15th Japan Canoe Sprint Junior/Junior Youth Komatsu Tournament, joint practice with the Japan national team, a social gathering with high school students, and other activities, all in an effort to promote personal exchange between Japan and Cambodia through sports. Our aims with these activities are to effectively share the appeals of Japan and to further promote the future development of the sports industry in Cambodia and friendly relations between Cambodia and Japan.

We hope that participants in this program will proactively share the appeals of Japan and other information after returning to Cambodia.

For reference: Japan Exchange Program JENESYS 2019 People with the ability and future mission to deliver messages between Japan and the countries and regions of Asia and Oceania are invited and dispatched in order to promote an understanding of Japan with regard to politics, economics, society, culture, history, foreign policy, and the like, and pro-Japanese people and experts on Japan are discovered in order to strengthen Japans message to other countries and expand Japans diplomatic foundation by having the guests and dispatchees take the initiative to spread information about the diplomatic stance, appeals, and other facets of Japan.

Schedule Tuesday, September 17 Arrive in Japan, orientation, lecture by the Japan Canoe Federation, etc.

Wednesday, September 18 Tour Sea Forest Waterway, etc.

Thursday, September 19 Travel to Ishikawa Prefecture Courtesy visit to the Komatsu City Office Joint practice with the Japan national team

Friday, September 20 Visit Komatsu Ltd. Social gathering

Saturday, September 21“Monday, September 23 Participate in the 15th Japan Canoe Sprint Junior/Junior Youth Komatsu Tournament

Tuesday, September 24 Travel to Tokyo Presentation of outcomes, etc.

Wednesday, September 25 Depart Japan

Inquiries about the program

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