BTS Releases Sponsored 2019 Trends in Executive Development Research

This year, BTS GROUP AB, a world-leading strategy implementation firm, sponsored the global research report, Trends in Executive Development, conducted by Executive Development Associates. Based on the current business environment, the report shows the need to retarget executive development on leaders abilities to create a compelling vision based on their companys business strategy and increase bench strength.

Technology continues to change the world around us. With the prevalence of digital disruption, organizations need to transform how they do business. This significantly impacts how executives lead. The trends in Executive Development research reflects the need to emphasize leading in an organizations specific context and strategy, which is changing at an increasing speed, said Greg Marchi, Executive Development, BTS.

Findings include:

  • Changes in the external environment mean that executive programs need to tie to the business strategy
  • Digital transformation and innovation combined make up the #1 influential condition impacting executive development
  • High-potential development is a priority as companies need to strengthen their successor bench strength
  • Key leadership capabilities that need to be addressed point to senior leaders pushing empowerment down into the organization
  • Conferences, leadership coaching, mentoring, experience-based learning and business simulations, and assessments followed by development feedback are the key ways to develop senior leaders and will continue to flourish
  • Most companies plan on increasing spending on executive development programs in 2019

BTS partnered with EDA because they excel at conducting research and leveraging their expert advisory board to provide thoughtful analysis and deep insights on changes occurring globally and how executive development professionals should best respond, commented Rommin Adl, EVP, BTS.

Access the executive summary and full 2019 Trends in Executive Development Benchmark Report here.

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