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Brown & Toland Physicians to Extend Medical Care into Patients’ Homes Through New Relationship with Landmark Health


Brown & Toland Physicians and Landmark Health and its affiliated medical groups (Landmark) today announce a collaboration that will extend comprehensive medical care into the homes of patients who are homebound or have high care needs. This is Landmarks first direct collaboration with a risk-based provider organization.

Our community of independent doctors foster meaningful relationships with their patients, getting to know and treat them like family, said Kelly Robison, Brown & Toland’s chief executive officer. The new relationship with Landmark is a natural extension of this kind of care, allowing us to bring 24/7 medical services into the homes of our patients living with chronic conditions “ conveniently addressing preventive care, care education and urgent needs.

Brown & Toland Physicians is an independent network of more than 2,700 physicians serving over 350,000 patients in the San Francisco Bay Area. Brown & Toland Physicians will continue to be the primary care providers (PCPs) for patients. Landmarks providers will extend Brown & Toland Physicians care plans into the homes of eligible patients as an additional layer of support, ensuring patients needs are met on a timely basis and closely coordinated with their PCP.

While the pandemic has accelerated patient demand for home-based medical services to avoid unnecessary exposure to COVID-19, there is a longer term health benefit of convenient, consistent and coordinated care, especially for aging patients with higher healthcare needs, said Michael Le, MD, Landmarks co-founder and chief medical officer. Beyond improved health outcomes, our patients and their families tout ˜peace of mind as a key benefit to having access to 24/7 medical care “ which is especially important in todays climate.

The new arrangement will allow Landmarks physician-led multidisciplinary teams to bring medical, behavioral, and palliative care, along with social services, to individuals where they reside.

Provider organizations are evolving from fee-for-service reimbursement to newer value-based care models “ with shared savings or global risk arrangements “ as a means of better caring for patients, especially complex seniors. Risk-based relationships allow provider organizations to bring specialized expertise and unique care delivery to help patients stay independent and well for as long as possible. Approximately 1,900 Bay Area patients will have access to Landmarks home-based services, for no additional cost or co-pay.

About Brown & Toland Physicians

Brown & Toland Physicians is a leading network of independent doctors focused on delivering personalized and high-quality health care to the San Francisco Bay Area. Its network of more than 2,700 physicians, serving more than 355,000 HMO, ACO and PPO patients, is dedicated to improving care and reducing costs through innovative care management and care coordination programs, use of health care technology, and population health management strategies. For more than 27 years, Brown & Toland has proudly collaborated with leading hospitals and health plan providers to provide high quality care in the Bay Area.

About Landmark

Since 2014, Landmark Health and its affiliated medical groups (Landmark) have delivered comprehensive in-home medical care to older adults, 24/7 “ 365 days a year. Specialized in complex chronic care, Landmarks physician-led multidisciplinary teams work with patients existing healthcare networks to bring medical, behavioral, and palliative care, along with social services, to individuals where they reside. As one of the nation’s largest value-based healthcare companies, more than 130,000 people across 17 states and 51 metropolitan communities can access Landmarks care. Most critically, Landmark is bending the cost curve in health care by reducing avoidable ER visits and hospital admissions, while extending the lives of patients.

Brown & Toland Physicians Media Contact

Jennifer Jee

VP, Marketing, Communications & Community Outreach

c. 714-931-1489

e. [email protected]

Landmark Media Contact

Jessica Diaz

Sr. Director, Brand & Marketing

c. 612-382-4395

e. [email protected]

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