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Bitnine Releases AgensGraph 2.1, the Multi-model Graph Database Optimized for the Legacy Environment


Bitnine Global, Inc. (Bitnine) announced the newest version of AgensGraph(version 2.1). AgensGraph 2.1 includes powerful new features and performance enhancements, especially in its latest Enterprise Edition to strengthen its enterprise market position.

This new AgensGraph 2.1 greatly expands the range of available functions that improves developer usability, and supports PostgreSQL 10.4 (PostgreSQL 11 support is in their working-on-list) as to the relational side.

As it is the world’s first multi-model graph database that combines both relational and graph database models, AgensGraph delivers significant differentiators to its clients in several ways:

  • AgensGraph minimizes the change in clients legacy RDB when they’re migrating graph database
  • Large scale relational data is secured to be used with or as graph data model
  • Use of graph or relational model is optional (or both can be used simultaneously) upon the type or the purpose of data with AgensGraph, maximizing efficiency of enterprise system
  • AgensGraph allows the utilization of existing programming languages and the investments in trained personnel for developing graph-based applications

For more information on AgensGraph please visit

Based on strong worldwide demand, Bitnine has raised $10 million in funding in 2018. As the new perception of data resources becomes more widespread in enterprises and institutions, there is a growing demand for a more efficient way to manage data. The graph database market is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years and we are making investments accordingly Cheolsun Kang, the founder and CEO of Bitnine quoted.

About Bitnine

Bitnine is a dedicated graph database solution company who provides the technological basis for swift analysis and visualization of multi-sourced data with its graph database solution ‘AgensGraph.’ For more information, visit or follow @AgensGraph

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