Better Starts Now with Eco-Drive World Time Series and Regional Limited Special Edition Eco-Bags

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SINGAPORE – Media_OutReach – 19 August 2019 – Young travellers today are constantly moving from one time zone to another for business or leisure. With New Eco-Drive World Time Series, they can globetrot with all the major time zones on their wrist.
In 1976, CITIZEN invented the world’s first light-powered analogue quartz watch that uses only light as a power source. This technology, now known as Eco-Drive can generate power from any light source — natural, artificial or even dim light to keep watches running without ever having to replace batteries. In other words, it is the watch that never stops wherever you are.
The New Eco-Drive World Time Series for ladies and gentlemen continues to push the envelope in terms of technology and design.
The Series carries a totally new movement – New Calibre: Cal.E784 that has been specially designed for this Series. The time piece features a totally new globe dial as well. It comes with 26 pre-set time zones — so whether a traveller is in New York, London, Paris or Tokyo — or any place really, he or she can hit the ground running. 
With just a simple manual action, time zones can be adjusted. Once the crown is pulled and the second hand manually moved to the target city’s name position on the dial, the hour hand automatically flies to the local time in that particular time zone. The luminous hands help read the watch even in the dark while the sapphire crystal glass stays tough in all conditions.
Its perpetual calendar feature ensures that the correct date is displayed on the watch perpetually, taking into account the different lengths of the months as well as leap years. The power save function is designed to save power when the watch is not in use. The second hand stops automatically to save power when the watch has been kept in a dark place for a certain period of time and it cannot generate power. However, the watch works accurately even while saving power! What is more, the watch is able to run normally for 6 months on a fully charged battery and for 8 months when in power save mode.
The men’s watch comes with a choice of stainless steel or leather strap. The sleek black dial combines with sharp edges and a thin, well-designed body making it very attractive to wear.
The ladies’ timepiece features a mother of pearl white dial ensconced in a 38.5mm case and is suitable to wear for professional meetings or social get togethers.
With sophisticated and elegant designs for both men and women, this affordable timepiece is the answer for those globetrotters looking for an authentic world time watch.
As a pioneer in the field of Eco-Drive and with the philosophy of “BETTER STARTS NOW” guiding them, CITIZEN has set new challenges to bring forth the full potential of power generation using light.
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__________________________________________________________________________ |______ ______|_____________________World_Time_Ladies_____________________| |____Model_____|___FC8001-87D____|_______________FC8008-88D________________| | Retail Price | SGD 551.05 | SGD 604.55 | |______________|___RM_1,650.00___|_______________RM_1,810.00_______________| |__Case/Band___|_Stainless_Steel_|_____Stainless_Steel_+_Gold_plating______| |____Glass_____|______________________Sapphire_Glass_______________________| |_Dial_Colour__|___________________Mother_of_Pearl_White___________________| |_____Size_____|______________________Diameter_38.5mm______________________| | Movement |Cal. E784 /  Eco-Drive  /  Date Display /  26 World Cit|es | Spec | Time | | |Overcharge Prevention Function  /  Perpetual Calendar / 5|m |______________|_____________________Water_Resistance______________________|

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_____________________________________________________________________________ |_____ ____|________________________World_Time_Gents_________________________| |___Model___|BX1001-11L_|BX1008-12E_|BX1001-89E_|BX1001-89L_|___BX1006-85E____| | Retail |SGD 518.95 |SGD 545.70 |SGD 588.50 |SGD 588.50 | SGD 620.60 | |___Price___|RM_1,560.00|RM_1,640.00|RM_1,760.00|RM_1,760.00|___RM_1,860.00___| |___Case____|_________________________Stainless_Steel_________________________| |___Band____|_____Calf_Leather______|_____________Stainless_Steel_____________| |___Glass___|_________________________Sapphire_Glass__________________________| |Dial_Colour|_Dark_Blue_|___Black___|___Black___|_Dark_Blue_|______Black______| |___Size____|____________Diameter_41mm_(Design_specification_only)____________| | Movement | Cal. E784 /   Eco-Drive  /  Date Display /   26 World Citi|s | Spec | Time | | | Overcharge Prevention Function  /  Perpetual Calendar | |___________|______________________50m_Water_Resistance_______________________|

Now, An Eco-Bag for the World Traveler
Since 2013, Sakura Collection along with Adventure Japan has been promoting fashion by holding design contests for promising, new fashion designers. The contest is held within the SEA region, specifically in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. The winner gets to showcase the winning design at an award ceremony in Japan plus benefit from a learning stint there.
CITIZEN is one of the sponsors of this event and its “BETTER STARTS NOW” philosophy is at the centre of the design contest. According to the philosophy, no matter who you are and what you do, it is always possible to make something better and now is the time to start doing it. This belief guided the young and upcoming designers to push themselves as they strove to do their best.
This year, CITIZEN collaborated with each of the 4 winners to develop an Eco- Bag themed on “Time”, “Better Starts Now” and incorporating the “Regional Essence” specific to the market the winner represents.    
From August 2019, CITIZEN will be handing out these bags instead of the usual paper bags for every CITIZEN purchased. These Eco-Bags will be available in selected Citizen POS including exclusive shops only while stock lasts.
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*** ABOUT CITIZEN WATCH *** CITIZEN WATCH marks its 100th anniversary in 2018, and is a true manufacture d’horlogerie with a comprehensive manufacturing process that extends from creating a watch’s individual components to its final assembly. We operate in more than 130 countries around the world. Since our founding in 1918, we have continued to explore new possibilities of a watch through our constant development from the world’s first light-powered technology, Eco-Drive**, to the state-of-the-art satellite wave watch, based on our belief, “Now is the time to start to make the world better,” summarized in our brand statement, “BETTER STARTS NOW.”  CITIZEN will continue to push the boundaries for the future of watches.
* The final design and specifications are subject to change without notice. ** Eco-Drive is registered trademarks or trademarks of Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.
*** ABOUT SAKURA COLLECTION *** SAKURA COLLECTION is a cultural exchange project organized by Adventure JAPAN Co., Ltd. which spreads the charm of Japanese culture to the world from 2013. Making a system to exchange people, items, fabrics, and information between Japan and other Asian countries, it promotes the mutual understanding of their traditions and arts. The young creators express their imaginations fusing the traditional culture and the latest fashion trend to connect to the next generation. The project has extended from Asia to France and the US.