BACE Business Intelligence Platform Available for All Balers


BACE, LLC, a leading global equipment manufacturer, technology innovator and national service provider for the recycling and waste management industry, announces the availability of its proven IntelliBALE„¢ Platform for all Manufacturers Vertical Balers. BACE is the innovator of the IntelliBACE„¢ Product line, BACEs Patent Pending Business Intelligence and Analytic Platform for Balers and Compactors.

Benefit Highlights of the Cloud Based IntelliBALE„¢ Platform include:

  • Cellular communication “ no need for Corporate Network access
  • Track exact weight and number of bales produced
  • Track revenue generation by company, region, location and shift
  • Compare recycling trends by company, region, location and shift
  • Notify recycle partners when the desired number of bales are available for pickup
  • Automatically reorders additional baling wire
  • Track usage for proactive preventative maintenance programs
  • Service history available for analysis of replacement
  • All data available to export for additional reporting/analytics

IntelliBALE„¢ has proven to increase our customers recycling by up to 30%, adding significant revenue to the bottom line, while decreasing their Waste expenses. The IntelliBALE„¢ Platform can now be installed on any Vertical Baler, regardless of Manufacturer. Customers no longer have to replace their entire fleet to take advantage of IntelliBALEs„¢ real-time Business Intelligence and Analytics, said Gregory Leon, BACEs Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Frederick Waite, BACEs Chief Executive Officer, states, This is a game changer for the industry. Allowing IntelliBALE„¢ to be implemented on other Manufacturers equipment is the right thing to do for our customers and our environment. Increasing an organizations recycling by even 10%, can add millions of dollars in revenue to their bottom line, reduce their costs and help save our landfills. We will continue to drive innovation that is in the best interest of our customers and our environment.

About BACE

BACE is a leading global manufacturer of heavy-duty balers, compactors and a national equipment service provider for the recycling and waste management industry. BACE is also the creator of the Patent Pending IntelliBACE„¢ Platform, an innovative Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform offering unmatched Accountability and Transparency. The BACE headquarters is located at 322 W32nd Street, Charlotte, North Carolina 28206. For information about BACE’s products and services, email [email protected], call BACE at (704) 394-2230 or visit our web site at

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