ARCFOX Unveiled Three New Models at the Geneva International Motor Show


ARCFOX, a sub-brand of BAIC BJEV (BAIC BluePark 600733) impressed audiences at the Geneva International Motor Show on March 5th with its three new models, including ARCFOX-GT Track edition, ARCFOX-GT Street edition and the ARCFOX ECF Concept car, emphasizing transcendent aesthetics, democratic technology and immersive experiences. As the pioneer in the field of new energy in BAIC Group, this is the first time for BAIC BJEV to introduce its premium brand to the international market.

ARCFOX is positioned as a premium brand of BAIC BJEV that pursues extreme performance and borderless design. The new models inherit the features of ARCFOX-GT, produced at the high-performance vehicle R&D centre of BAIC Group in Spain, and have obtained the certification of the European professional institution. Its acceleration of 100 km/h has reached an astonishing 2.59 seconds. ARCFOX ECF Concept is the first ARCFOX identity concept car with smart cockpit and it is also ARCFOX’s first premium intelligent SUV model with a quasi-L3 level for volume production.

In design aspect, ARCFOX advocates simplicity. ARCFOX reflects its borderless concept, which is not limited by exterior design, but also the automotive engineering design and user experience design. Legendary design master Walter De Silva played a key role in automotive design and helped to guide ARCFOXs product development.

With independent R&D and open sharing, ARCFOX gathers global top resources to break through technology boundaries and implements the strategy of all-intelligent technology platform. The brand works closely with the worlds top partners such as Daimler, Magna, Huawei, etc. to create an innovative cooperation model for the entire industry in product development, high-end manufacturing, intelligent network, and autonomous driving data processing chips.

BAIC Group is one of the top five automobile groups in China and ranked 124th in Fortune 500 in 2018 with a revenue of US$69.591 billion. The group is determined to be the worlds most innovative and technological company by 2025.

ARCFOX aims to play a leading role in shaping the future of electric mobility. This is also the beginning of BAICs globalization strategy with premium brands. As Mr. Xu Heyi said, ARCFOX is the beam of light that the BAIC Group presents to the world with its innovation and this beam of light is illuminating the way for us to move forward.

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