Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation and Virginia’s Community Colleges Partner to Fight Student Hunger

A $100,000 grant from the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation will allow more than a dozen rural Virginia community colleges to expand food emergency offerings to students, including the creation of three new programs, to address the growing issue of food insecurity on campus. The announcement of the grant and expanded student support was made in Roanoke during an annual faculty conference for Virginias Community Colleges.

This significant grant is part of Anthems continuing commitment to addressing Social Determinants of Health, such as food insecurity, as part of its commitment to improving the lives of the people in the communities it serves. According to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report released in January 2019, estimates of food insecurity among college students ranged from 9 percent to more than 50 percent, but food insecurity hits students hardest on community college campuses. Virginias Community Colleges are working with community partners, such as Anthem, to eliminate barriers to academic attainment and more importantly, better long-term health outcomes.

Anthems mission is to improve lives and communities and to make healthcare simpler. To help us accomplish this we work with local organizations to develop community-specific approaches that remove barriers and improve health, said Jennie Reynolds, president, Anthems Virginia Medicaid Plan. Food insecurity is associated with some of the most serious and costly chronic health problems, and its important we continue to identify ways to address this serious issue in our communities where help is needed and can be readily accessed. That is why we are excited about this unique partnership with Virginias Community Colleges, which allows us to not only address this critical issue, but also helps to bring greater awareness to the problem of hunger on campus.

The Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundations $100,000 grant will help expand 11 existing food pantries on rural community college campuses, and allow three campuses to open pantries benefitting more students and their families. Currently, 32,563 enrolled students and their families have access to food emergency programs at the 11 rural colleges. Based on current enrollment data, this support will allow another 8,658 families to access food emergency programs.

Student success is not just a matter of what occurs inside a classroom, said Glenn DuBois, chancellor of Virginias Community Colleges. Being hungry, uncertainty over where you are sleeping tonight “ these are real world challenges for many of our students, who need our help. This grant is an important step as we continue to seek partners and resources to help students address the social challenges that threaten college dreams.

Community colleges that will benefit from the grant include:

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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield