Annual LATAM Fraud Forum Poised for Expansion in 2019, Relaunching as LATAM-Iberian Fraud Forum

The LATAM-Iberian Fraud Forum announces its annual conference, which will take place alongside the RSA Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, March 5, 2019. The Forums primary objective is to assemble a group of fraud prevention and authentication experts for an intimate, half-day discussion dedicated to disseminating knowledge on effective ways to combat financial fraud in Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

Latin America is experiencing some of the fastest growth in Internet adoption worldwide and, as such, becoming increasingly vulnerable to cybercrime. The Iberian region is facing similar vulnerabilities, with Portugal recently reported to have the third-highest number of cybercrime victims in the European Union. Attacks in both geographies are characterized by high rates of ATM fraud, phishing and overlay malware. These similarities are why experts in Latin America and Iberia must collaborate “ sharing information and developing initiatives to identify and address the proliferation of attacks.

This years event will feature a roster of distinguished speakers that cut across the industry spectrum, from leading regional banks, analyst firms and technology leaders. The agenda includes presentations from Michael Fox, Group CIO of Falabella; Guillermo Kopp, Worldwide Financial Services Industry Director at Microsoft; Uri Rivner, Chief Cyber Officer at BioCatch and many more.

Attendees must be approved by the steering committee in order to attend; a short application form is available on the event website. Eligible participants manage the following disciplines in their respective financial services organizations: fraud prevention, compliance, KYC/identity proofing, authentication, digital banking and related areas.

The event is also supported by various corporate partners, including BioCatch, Microsoft, FacePhi, Transmit Security and Telefonica, all of which have active clients in the regions and will be able to provide their first-hand experience and subject matter expertise in helping to resolve some of the most challenging issues facing Latin American and Iberian banks today.

To encourage open discussion, the LATAM-Iberian Fraud Forum will be held under Chatham House rules and will be closed to the press.

About the LATAM-Iberian Fraud Forum

The primary objective of the LATAM-Iberian Fraud Forum is to assemble a group of fraud prevention and authentication experts for a half-day discussion dedicated to disseminating knowledge on effective ways of combating financial fraud in Latin America and Iberia. The hope of the organizers is that following this event the participants will continue to share information and new collaborative fraud initiatives will emerge. The second-annual event will be held on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 in San Francisco, California on the sidelines of the RSA Conference. For more information, visit

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