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Infiniti Research, a world-renowned competitive and market intelligence solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest article on the impact of digital transformation strategy in business processes.

Traditional business models have come under the scanner due to increasing business challenges. Faster business cycles, higher data volumes, and increasing customers demands have compelled companies to switch to modern business strategies. Consequently, many businesses have started leveraging digital transformation strategies to boost their revenues, improve customer experience, and enhance productivity. Increased use of mobile, memory, and cloud solutions have opened up a world of new opportunities for digital transformation in business across every vertical. Every organization, naive or connoisseur, is adopting a digital transformation strategy to create new business models and stay ahead of their peers.

Many companies in the B2B vertical have modified their core processes to meet increasing customer demands through a proper digital transformation strategy,” says a digital marketing expert from Infiniti Research.

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Digital transformation supports the growth of business activities and operational processes through the use of latest technology and mediums. Major elements of this strategy are devices used, data gathered and analyzed, network usage, cloud computing, and the mobile functionality of the company. For any organization to carve a niche for itself in the market, it is essential for them to implement a proper digital transformation strategy. The strategy helps companies to develop a more responsive, fluid, and data-driven process.

Impact of a digital transformation strategy on business processes:

Value chain change

The relationship among producers, distributors, and customers has evolved over time with the preference for digital transformation. The use of a digital transformation strategy has resulted in the rise of networked mediation strategies, where partnerships and alliances are formed between a group of companies to co-produce value and co-create an offering. To keep up with such changes, organizations need to enhance their skills and expertise to extend their control over the complete chain. To know about our portfolio of solutions for digital transformation, get in touch with our analysts

Importance of services increased

With the onset of low-cost strategies and standardization of industrial products, it has become difficult for the organizations to solely rely on technical superiority to lead the market. Nowadays, businesses providing ad-on services along with their products gain an upper edge in the customers mind. A digital transformation strategy helps businesses in integrating solutions and associated services into their product offerings. For more information on how businesses are successfully implementing a digital transformation strategy, request for a free consultation.

Changing information systems

Information systems play an important role in the digital economy. Although the success of information systems depends mainly on optimizing inter-organizational processes, mastering and maximizing IT architecture, and successfully connecting to suppliers, customers, and partners via the information system is no simple feat. This is where the true importance of a implementing a digital transformation strategy can be realized. To access the article that analyzes the impact of implementing a digital transformation strategy in business processes, visit our page.

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