Amazon Web Services Selects MyCelebs as Global Best Case

MyCelebs, an Artificial Intelligence Startup, was introduced on AWS website as a global best case as a result of conjoining AI solution MyCelebs AI Transformation Suite (MATS) with Amazon SageMaker. MATS automatize data collection, machine learning, visualization and service updates into one solution, making MyCelebs AI transformation service astoundingly business-ready on 28th of January.

With the current selection as the global best case by AWS, MyCelebs is now considered to not only have experience in diverse data fields, but is now also recognized to have the expertise as a global number one AI agency.

Moreover, MyCelebs introduced two important concepts through MATS: Data supply chain method (D-SCM) and House OS. AI transformation and services built through MATS collects internal/external data through build, buy, and alliance method. MyCelebs holds the unique position of a data aggregator that continues to collect high quality semantic data.

The data collected in turn will play an important role in developing a more natural and comprehensive semantic understanding model required for House OS environments. Current voice commands to IoT devices require users to call its unique names and have limited number of functions, but a single House OS will be required to understand direct and indirect commands from users as IoT devices become more potent and widespread. With the data collected through D-SCM, MyCelebs is currently working to create voice interface required for building House OS that understands situation and context of user commands.

Through its MATS solution, MyCelebs will be introducing a new user preference-based travel service in conjunction with, has proved its potential through data collaboration with ˜Yelp! and currently has or is in process of filing 84 patents throughout the world.

You can read the post titled ˜MyCelebs Builds an ML Solution with Amazon SageMaker to Provide Immediate Opportunities to Monetize Artificial Intelligence by Estelle Shin, CEO at MyCelebs Inc., at

About MyCelebs

MyCelebs aspires to be the most pragmatic AI agency: Data collection, visualization, ML-based intelligence embedding, and updates are done through a single, immediately-applicable solution. We are global AI agency on the strength of its pragmatic, efficient and business-ready approach on AI transformation.

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