AM BestTV: Strong Companies Need Strong Leaders, Says AM Best Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer


In this episode of AM BestTV from the Emerging Leaders Conference in Miami, Matthew C. Mosher, executive vice president and chief operating officer, AM Best, spoke about AM Bests viewpoint on the importance of emerging leaders. Click on to view the entire program.

AM Best looks at the financial strength of insurance companies, said Mosher. When you come right down to it, you cannot have a strong company without strong leaders and good people. The industry needs to attract, develop and keep talent.

Mosher also addressed the importance of having a diversified background.

A diversified background gives you a perspective on different issues that you might not come across in the insurance industry. It is important to understand the insurance-related issues, but having a different perspective is incredibly important, too. This is where diversity comes into play, because there are so many changing issues. You have to be prepared to adjust to that change, he said.

Additionally, Mosher sees how important innovation is to a company.

Innovation is important for a company in terms of its financial strength and how it maintains its position in the marketplace. No matter how strong a company is in terms of capital, performance and its business profile, if it does not continue to look for ways to make sure its processes are more efficient and cheaper for its customers, it is not going to be relevant in the future.

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