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AlturaSolutions Suggests Ways to Make B2B Marketing Work During the Pandemic


COVID-19 has changed everything, including business-to-business marketing.

In-person meetings are over. Trying to reach someone by phone is getting tougher. Voice messages often go unheard.

So, how can B2B marketers reach prospects now?

Here are some suggestions to help get B2B marketing rolling again:

Increase LinkedIn prospecting. For B2B marketers, LinkedIn is your tool. LinkedIn claims 690 million users now, up from 360 million a few years ago. Plus, parent company, Microsoft, says LinkedIn is seeing “record levels of engagement,” up 26 per cent since the pandemic began.

Pandemic content. Do not ignore the pandemic. Provide content for your customers that helps them survive and thrive during these difficult times.

Become your own “influencer.” Influencer marketing is becoming more powerful. This is when independent experts praise your products or services. Become your own influencer. Create credible, sincere, and inspiring videos, addressing the pandemic and the challenges ahead. This builds trust, confidence, and connection with buyers.

Improve organic search results. Business customers are increasingly skeptical of paid search programs. But, findability is crucial. Look into search engine optimization apps that improve your SEO. Some of the best are free.

Make online your focus. According to IBM, the pandemic has sped up the shift from brick-and-mortar shopping to shopping online by about five years. If yours is a brick-and-mortar B2B organization, this means your focus should now be online.

Fine-tune email marketing. Over the past few years, some B2B organizations ended their email marketing programs. That may have been a mistake. Adweek reports email marketing is up more than 80 percent. Click-through rates up by 22 percent. When click-through rates go up, sales are typically not far behind.

Make sure everything is aligned. All marketing platforms must be aligned. Some organizations have distinct marketing and PR departments working separately. That’s fine, but their efforts must be coordinated, using the same words and terms about your company and the value of your products and services.

Finally, stay focused on changes in B2B buying behavior. Remember, there is no one new normal. Expect several new “normals” going forward.

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AlturaSolutions Communications, based in Chicago, is a communications, public relations, consulting, and marketing firm, working specifically with B2B industries.

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