Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Continues to Expand its Fifth Generation EZBuck™ Family

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOS) (Nasdaq: AOSL), a designer, developer and global supplier of a broad range of power semiconductors and power ICs, today introduced AOZ6662DI-01 and AOZ6663DI-01, high efficiency, simple-to-use synchronous buck regulators. The AOZ6662DI-01 and AOZ6663DI-01 are both available in a thermally enhanced DFN3x3 exposed pad package, delivering an output current of 2A and 3A, respectively. The new devices offer a low on-resistant power stage, allowing cooler power conversion for a variety of consumer electronics application such as LCD TVs, set-top boxes, as well as DVD players and recorders.

The low on-resistance of the internal power MOSFETs in these devices allows higher efficiency and less heat generation. They have over 90 percent efficiency at full load operation and maintain at 87 percent efficiency while in 10mA light load operation. When operating in low output current conditions, the device will run in a proprietary pulse energy mode (PEM) to obtain high efficiency. Under heavy load steady-state conditions, the device will operate in a fixed frequency and Continuous-Conduction Mode (CCM).

The small standby current combined with a thermally enhanced package achieves better efficiency and thermal performance over the previous generation solution and leading competitor.

Todays consumer electronics products are built with features that require flexibility to meet a broad range of applications. Design engineers are looking for dc-dc converters that offer high light load efficiency at specific voltage ranges, said Kenny Hu, Power IC Marketing Manager at AOS. The AOZ6662DI-01 and AOZ6663DI-01 meet these design challenges with adaptable light load capability.


Technical Highlights

          AOZ6663DI-01 Major Competitor
Input Range         4.5V to 18V 4.5V to 17V
Feedback Tolerance         ±1.5% ± 2%
Package         Exposed Pad DFN3x3 SOT23-6
Light Load Efficiency at 10mA (Vin=12V, Vout=5V)         87.1% 84.7%
Thermal Impedance         50 oC/W 93 oC/W
Thermal (3A) at 15W         84°C 121°C

Device Specification Table




Operating Load Min Light Quiescent
Min Max Current VOUT Frequency Load Current
Part Number     VIN(V)     VIN(V)     (A)     (V)     (KHz)     Features     (uA)     Package
AOZ6662DI     4.5     18     2     0.6     750     Yes     250     DFN 3×3-8L
AOZ6663DI     4.5     18     3     0.6     750     Yes     250     DFN 3×3-8L
AOZ6662DI-01     4.5     18     2     0.6     750     Adaptable     250     DFN 3×3-8L
AOZ6663DI-01     4.5     18     3     0.6     750     Adaptable     250     DFN 3×3-8L
AOZ6622DI     4.5     18     2     0.8     550     Yes     550     DFN 3×3-8L
AOZ6623DI     4.5     18     3     0.8     550     Yes     550     DFN 3×3-8L

Pricing and Availability

The AOZ6662DI-01 and the AOZ6663DI-01 are immediately available in production quantities with a lead-time of 12 weeks. The unit price for 1,000 pieces is $0.42 for the AOZ6662DI-01 and $0.52 for the AOZ6663DI-01.

About AOS

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited, or AOS, is a designer, developer and global supplier of a broad range of power semiconductors, including a wide portfolio of Power MOSFET, IGBT, IPM, HVIC, Power IC and Digital Power products. AOS has developed extensive intellectual property and technical knowledge that encompasses the latest advancements in the power semiconductor industry, which enables us to introduce innovative products to address the increasingly complex power requirements of advanced electronics. AOS differentiates itself by integrating its Discrete and IC semiconductor process technology, product design, and advanced packaging know-how to develop high performance power management solutions. AOS portfolio of products targets high-volume applications, including portable computers, flat panel TVs, LED lighting, smart phones, battery packs, consumer and industrial motor controls and power supplies for TVs, computers, servers and telecommunications equipment. For more information, please visit

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