Allied Wallet Connects to Powerful Payment Options in South Korea


Allied Wallet, a globally leading provider of mainstream online payment processing, offers new alternative payment methods in South Korea.

South Korea has the highest average internet speeds in the world, and 100% of their population between ages 25 and 34 log on daily.

In a country with over ‚¬22.8 billion in annual e-commerce spending, Fashion is the leading product category with about ‚¬6.2 billion of the annual market share, followed by toys and hobby items.

With over 62% of its 25.9 million population already shopping online, the average cardholder uses their credit card 130 times per year.

South Korea is a unique region and certainly has its own payment preferences as a country.

Allied Wallet is now compatible with several preferred payment options in South Korea to better connect online businesses and their customers including: ShinhanCard, T-Money, and Toss.

Were very happy to be creating more opportunity within South Korea, and connecting more of the world with South Korean businesses, said CEO Andy Khawaja, ¦T-Money itself has about 71 million cards in use. Were sure businesses will see an increase in profit by broadening their payment acceptance.

T-Money is typically used as a transit card, but is also used to shop online, as railway networks and metro lines in South Korea are connected with Wi-Fi, giving passengers the opportunity to use their smartphones while onboard.

ShinhanCard is the number one credit card issuer in South Korea with over 12 million users.

Toss is an eWallet service with over 6 million users, allowing users to pay in store, shop online, or send money to friends and family. This popular eWallet is partnered with 18 of South Koreas 19 major banks, reaching 98% of the banked population.

The addition of these three powerful and popular alternative payment options in South Korea and many more abroad are creating more and more opportunities for merchants online and enabling Allied Wallet to connect more users worldwide.

About Allied Wallet:

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