AirPR Acquires Content Amplification and Analytics Company; Changes Corporate Name to “Onclusive”

Today, AirPR, the data science company for marketing and communications, announced that it has completed its acquisition of San Francisco based technology company, Ozmotik. AirPR also announced today that it has changed its company name to Onclusive.

The acquisition of Ozmotik brings together Onclusives industry-leading communications measurement solution with Ozmotiks content marketing and analytics offering, creating a unified platform for companies to discover their most valuable earned media and to deliver it to its intended audience at scale.

The addition of Ozmotik will provide communications teams with two important new metrics: Reader Engagement which measures if earned media is actually being read and how much of the content is being consumed; and Brand Impact which measures the influence that content is having on its readers. These insights perfectly complement the existing Onclusive metrics of Power of Voice„¢ which measures the overall quality of content, and PR Attribution„¢ which connects content to actual business outcomes, for the first time.

Onclusive customers can now measure content effectiveness across the entire consumer journey – from awareness and consideration, to purchase and revenue. This is the pinnacle of communications measurement and creates direct alignment with other marketing and advertising channels.

Once a brand has identified its most valuable earned media content using Onclusive data and analytics, the system can automatically deliver this content to more of its intended audience using digital media amplification. This capability empowers advertising teams with more impactful marketing content, and empowers PR teams with more control and predictability around who sees their media coverage, how frequently, and when.

This represents a true inflection point for our business and for the industry, said Dan Beltramo, CEO of Onclusive. Nielsen has published numerous trust in advertising studies which demonstrate that earned and owned media are the most influential forms of marketing. But until now there was a lack of control and predictiveness in the earned media process which exists in paid advertising where you can control your reach and frequency.

We are thrilled to be part of the Onclusive team, said Hung Nguen, CEO and co-founder of Ozmotik. This combination marries the credibility of earned media with the scalability and precision of paid advertising. Marketing and communications teams can now discover and deliver their most valuable earned media within a single platform.

The combined company has changed its name to Onclusive to signal the broader strategy of merging earned, owned, and paid media capabilities.

The word Onclusive is derived from the words conclusive and inclusive. It was inspired by the idea of drawing a conclusion from data, and reaching a conclusive finding. It also relates to being inclusive in the companys scope of the media ecosystem, including all forms of communication in the modern world of marketing, and underscores that the company is inclusive in its vision; seeing the most, and delivering the most and best information.

While the name of our company has changed, our core values and mission have not, said Beltramo. We remain committed to answering two fundamental questions for our customers; Which stories drive the most impact to my business? And, how do I tell my story to more of the right people? Our acquisition of Ozmotik will only further empower todays marketing and communications teams to boost the bottom line, and to boost themselves.

Sean O’Neal
[email protected]