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Aging Expert, Lisa Cini Talks Tech From CES 2020 to Help Improve Quality of Life for Seniors


According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, more than 10,000 people turn 65 every day in the United States, and people are living longer, healthier lives. This years Consumer Electronic Show (CES) featured 11 new technologies to help aging adults maintain mood, hearing, social connection, exercise, safety, medication management and health tracking.

Every year I travel the globe to discover the latest and greatest in assistive technologies, says Lisa Cini, President /CEO, Mosaic Design Studio and The things that we take for granted in our youth can become difficult as we age, like balancing while we walk, catching our breath, hearing the TV or our loved ones when they are speaking. My mission is to use technology to move from fear to freedom as we age.

Lisas 2020 CES Tech Picks Include:

  1. Hapbee is a wearable device and smartphone app that can make you feel happy, calm, sleepy, alert, focused, etc. with the click of a button.
  2. Livio AI is a hearing aid that not only helps to hear better, but has fall detection, can track body and brain health and translates 27 languages.
  3. Zibrio has created a SmartScale previously utilized by astronauts returning from space, that measures movements that indicate high risk of falling.
  4. MouthLab by Aidar Health is a hand-held home monitoring device that measures more than 10 medical parameters such as temperature, respiratory rate, blood pressure, breathing patterns, heart rate, lung function, and more in 30 seconds.
  5. Essence Group Fall Detector Radar is a detection system for seniors that uses technology to track a person’s position in the home, provide immediate detection of a fall, and effectively alert healthcare providers.
  6. CarePredict is a wearable device that assesses seniors day to day movements such as sleep, movement around the house, eating, and more.
  7. Kytera Companion is a smart remote that provides insights into wellness such as fall detection and physical and mental changes by monitoring behavioral symptoms.
  8. MedWand is a handheld device that allows users to conduct remote office visits and, using real-time collection of vital sign readings, can accurately monitor medical conditions regardless of location.
  9. Embr Wave is a personal thermostat bracelet that works by making a user feel colder or warmer by 5ºF.
  10. VoiceItt is a speech recognition technology that translates unintelligible speech in real-time, providing a voice and communication to people with severe speech impairments.
  11. H2-BP is the worlds smallest and lightest wearable blood pressure monitor.

The technologies that were presented at CES 2020 have blown me away in terms of usability and accessibility, adds Cini. And, I am encouraged to see so many new devices to ensure a more well-rounded, safe and happy quality of life for aging adults.

Lisa Cini ASID, IIDA, is an award-winning, internationally recognized designer with decades of experience developing interiors that improve quality of life for seniors. She is the author of The Future is Here: Senior Living Reimagined, Hive: The Simple Guide to Multigenerational Living, and BOOM: The Baby Boomers Guide to Leveraging Technology, so that you can Preserve Your Independent Lifestyle & Thrive and founder of, which offers tech products that help seniors embrace aging and live independently.

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