Achieving Savings of $4.7 Million for a Financial Services Provider | Infiniti Research’s Latest Market Risk Analysis Engagement

A well-known market intelligence company, Infiniti Research, has recently announced the completion of their latest market risk analysis for a financial services provider. The study highlights how the client was able to successfully implement a risk analysis strategy and achieve savings of $4.7 million. Also, the study explains how Infinitis market risk analysis helped the client predict when the market fluctuations and disruptions were about to occur to take proactive approaches.

The global financial services industry is on a journey of massive transformations. Players in this sector are experiencing major transformations due to factors including business model transformation, adoption of advanced technologies, and changing regulatory environments. Also, this increasingly complex environment demands financial service providers to make adjustments in risk management systems and procedures. If not managed properly, the market risks can potentially cripple the business. This makes it vital for financial service providers to conduct a market risk analysis and identify potential risks in advance and thereby take steps to eliminate them.

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The business challenge: The client, a leading financial service provider was facing predicaments in identifying and gauging the market risks. Changes in market variables, including interest rate and exchange rate fluctuations, as well as movements in market prices of securities and financial derivatives were some of the factors that posed risks for the company. These risks affected the companys bottom line and negatively impacted their financial capital. With this, the client wanted to quantify risks within their industry and determine appropriate strategies to minimize them.

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The solution offered: The experts at Infiniti Research adopted a three-phase approach and examined changes in market variables. Also, our experts analyzed historical records to predict when the market fluctuations and disruptions were about to occur. The market risk analysis solution presented by Infiniti helped the financial service provider to implement an effective risk management strategy to enhance their business efficiency. This further helped the client reduce the profit losses and achieve savings of $4.7 million.

Infinitis market risk analysis strategy helped the client to:

  • Reduce their financial cost and improve profitability
  • Minimize the probability of market risks
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Infiniti market risk analysis strategy offered predictive insights on:

  • Creating proactive approaches to prevent market risks from impacting the security of the organization
  • Implementing risk mitigation strategies in an organized manner
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