A Modern Poetry Book—Just in Time for Valentine’s Day: Not Your Average Sonnet, a Comedic Collection of Sharply Satirical Poems, Announced by Avalon Marcom

Not Your Average Sonnet gives an acutely modern voice to the classically romantic art form. This book brings sonnets into the new millennium from an appreciation of the past, but with an evocative twist, states poet Jason Scott Brendel (JSB).

The author takes on modern-day life with hilarious critiques on the ridiculous nature of humanity. Not Your Average Sonnet, on Amazon, looks to pave a new path in the poetry world, bringing the most serious poetry lovers, and those new to verse, together — all for a good laugh.

JSB is part of the current, national, renewed interest in poetry: Poetry Is Making a Big Comeback in the U.S., Survey Results Reveal. His inspiration for the book began with a poem about one-ply toilet paper, And to think you only gave me one piece/ as if that was enough to clean my crease. The collection gradually expanded over two years to include poems ranging from the sublime and ridiculous, to serious pieces about love and raising a child. Brendel highlights everything from going gluten-free (beneath the yeast, a silent killer creeps) to tyrannical roundabouts (A man cant rule what the roundabout allows/ for roundabout rules are roundabout bound).

Meticulously-crafted sonnets, coupled with laugh-out-loud humor, will captivate an adult audience eager for comic relief. From the provocative intro: We have our routines, our struggles, our pain, which at times can weigh us down, but if we take a moment to recognize how insane it is¦we can step back for a moment and just laugh.

You can hear Brendel discuss and satirize more of American life in his podcast, The Treason Show, available on iTunes, or see him at open mics around the Bay Area. Access his blog, Instagram @jasonbrendel, or Patreon.

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Not Your Average Sonnet February 2019 $9.97 Paperback 84 pages, 6 x 9 ISBN: 9781792109942

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