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A European Investment Bank Develops a Successful Market Entry Plan for the US Investment Banking Industry and Becomes an Industry Leader | Infiniti’s Recent Success with Market Intelligence Solutions


The investment banking industry is highly susceptible to change and fluctuations caused by economic challenges, changing regulations, and technological changes. Recently, there has been an increasing demand for in-house applications, customer management portals, and added cybersecurity and transparency, which has caused substantial challenges for companies in the US investment banking industry. Additionally, there has been a slew of new rules regarding capital, risk management, trading, and liquidity. Consequently, the US investment banking industry sees a dynamic and competitive environment like never before, and staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Infinitis market intelligence solutions enable companies to keep abreast of industry developments, identify crucial trends, challenges, and potential growth opportunities, and develop unique strategies to champion the industry. To leverage Infinitis market intelligence solutions for data-driven insights on the US investment banking industry and unparalleled growth strategies, request a free proposal.

Although the financial services industry continues to recover from the global economic crisis of 2008, companies in the investment banking industry in the United States are still struggling to regain former levels of profitability, says a financial services industry expert at Infiniti Research.

Business Challenge:

The client, an investment bank based out of Europe, sought to expand its operations in the United States and required a research firm’s expertise in conducting an independent analysis of potential investment opportunities. The client also wanted to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry developments and economic challenges in the US investment banking industry. Therefore, the investment banking company leveraged Infinitis expertise in offering market intelligence solutions. During the nine-week engagement, the client also wanted to evaluate changing regulations, keep abreast of technological innovations, and identify important market trends.

Our Approach:

Our market intelligence experts developed a comprehensive approach to help the client efficiently expand their operations to the US investment banking industry, which included the following:

  • Conducting an industry analysis, and evaluating investment environment, and market trends in the US investment banking industry
  • Identifying barriers to entry and devising comprehensive strategies to overcome them using market entry solutions
  • Assessing the US investment banking industrys readiness for the clients offerings, understanding various industry challenges, and adopting technologies to tackle them with a market opportunity analysis
  • Helping the client understand changing regulations and policies and track regional changes in the US investment banking industry

Speak to industry experts to gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic US investment banking industry trends, challenges, regulatory policies, and develop unparalleled market entry plans.

Business Outcome:

By leveraging our market intelligence solution, the client successfully understood the financial technologies, changed regulations, and evaluated the US investment banking industry’s market potential. Additionally, with our experts insights, the investment bank developed an unparalleled expansion plan and identified factors that provide distinctiveness to their business. The client also created and maintained a leading edge in the US investment banking industry and became one of the US investment banking sector leaders.

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