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2-Day Conference: Inhaled Drug Delivery (London, United Kingdom – November 1-2, 2018) –


The “Inhaled Drug Delivery” conference has been added to’s offering.

Inhaled drug delivery is achieved using four principle technologies, dry powder inhalers, metered dose inhalers, nebulizers and liquid inhalers. Although there are many differences between these technologies there are many fundamental principles that are followed to achieve an effective delivered dose, as such there is much shared learning across the technologies.

This meeting includes presentations on each of these delivery technologies with the intent to share knowledge and learning across the inhaled drug development business. The future European and UK regulatory processes following Brexit will be critical when developing product approval strategies, we shall be considering regulatory issues on this and other important hot topics.

There are a number of key areas that are currently evolving and the latest thinking and progress on these will be presented, including Human factor design and sensing/connecting technologies. These key evolving areas are subject to much debate and require careful consideration whilst developing an inhaled drug product.

Programme to include:

  • Modern respiratory medicines
  • Innovation in nebulized therapy
  • Current and future trends for DPI formulation
  • Opportunities of nanoformulations in the lung
  • The role of lung protease in delivery of inhaled biopharmaceuticals
  • Lung deposition software: Mimetikos preludium: a new pharma friendly aerosol drug deposition calculator
  • Could smart inhalers dramatically change the way that Asthma and COPD patients are treated?
  • Decoding FDA’s recent combination drug product guidance: Applications to DPIs, pMDIs, and nasal sprays
  • The UK regulatory future – the way forward after Brexit
  • Navigating human factors in device development
  • The 1nhaler and its two jobs
  • Opportunities and challenges in the design of high-performance unit-dose dry powder inhalers
  • Design characterization of breath actuation mechanisms
  • Digitally enabled inhalers

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