Carnegie Learning Releases All-New Math and Computer Science Products for Back-to-School

Carnegie Learning, Inc., a comprehensive, dynamic and progressive K-16 learning technology company, today officially announced a new set of product releases that provide even more support to STEM teachers and students. As a company, our goal is to help teachers and leaders do what they do bestenrich students lives, says Barry Malkin, President and CEO of Carnegie Learning. Our team has spent the last year working with educators around the country to bring the next generation of our research-proven math resources to classrooms in time for the new school year. Were also thrilled to introduce the world to Proto, a Project-Based Learning curriculum that delivers robust coding and computer science learning, even if teachers have little or no computer science experience.

Here are some of the new math and computer science products that Carnegie Learning has released to support teachers and students this year:


Already built on a foundation of powerful artificial intelligence and cognitive science research and winner of the 2018 Tech Edvocate Award for Best Math App or Tool, Carnegie Learning has incorporated user feedback to make MATHia even easier to use for every grade 6-12 student:

  • On top of having a brand-new look and streamlined user experience, there is now additional just-in-time support for students.
  • The teacher experience has been dramatically improved. Setting up classes has never been easier or faster, and pacing guidance (based on the content thats been assigned) is built right into the Teachers Toolkit.
  • An all-new text-to-speech feature reads math to students the way a math teacher would, which is particularly helpful for ELL students and struggling readers. It even allows students to choose the voice of the readerincluding a Spanish accent for Spanish speakersand play, pause, or stop the narration at their convenience.
  • Finally, not only does MATHia have brand new sequences aligned to the new high school textbooks (see below), but it also has a new financial literacy course to help prepare students for math in the real world.
  • Learn more about MATHia at:

Carnegie Learnings Blended High School Math Solution


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Carnegie Learning, with its top-scoring EdReports blended Middle School Math Solution, has completed a comprehensive re-write of its high school materials to support a full 180 days of blended learning instruction. With the new Solution:

  • Students learn together in a group setting with the streamlined consumable textbook and learn individually with the all-new MATHia experience. The Student Edition of the textbook includes a one-page summary of each topic for parents to help them understand what their children are learning, how they are learning it, why it is important, and how they can help. These summaries make the school-to-home connection even stronger and empower parents and guardians to support their child’s learning.
  • Teachers will enjoy the detailed facilitation notes, differentiation strategies, and ELL tips built right into the lessons. The complementary Teachers Implementation Guide is designed to be easy to use and fully supportive of teachers. It includes suggestions for pacing, grouping students, and other resources to support collaborative learning. The mathematical content has also been reorganized to better align with standard and assessment documents.
  • Learn more about the all-new High School Math Solution at:

Proto„¢, Carnegie Learnings New Project-Based Computer Science Curriculum

ISTE listed computational thinking as one of the top edtech trends to watch this year1, and with good reasoncomputational thinking skills prepare students to solve real, complex problems beyond the classroom. Formerly known as Globaloria, Proto teaches students these skills through coding, website development, and game design.

  • Students can design and develop games, websites, mobile apps and more while learning how to ideate, test, revise, re-test, and launch projects that are completely theirs from start to finish.
  • Proto has an engaging new look that is user-friendly for both teachers and students.
  • Teachers do not need a computer science background to use Proto because it guides the student learning experience through video tutorials, step-by-step instructions and examples.
  • Get to know Proto at:

For more information about all of Carnegie Learnings math and computer science updates, visit For more information on Carnegie Learnings unique approach to transforming math and computer science learning, visit


Carnegie Learning is a comprehensive, dynamic and progressive learning technology company. Advocating a belief in teaching and determination to help students develop as learners and thinkers, Carnegie Learning is seeking to re-define the role of technology across the K-16 landscape. Its mathematics and STEM division delivers research-proven mathematics curriculum and the MATHia platform for grades 6-12, developmental math support for 2- and 4-year colleges, project-based digital solutions for STEM, and best-in-class K-12 professional learning services. Its EMC School division offers blended learning solutions for world languages, literature, language arts, and computer science, while its Paradigm Education Solutions and JIST Career Solutions divisions deliver print and digital resources for career development, including computer technology, health careers, accounting and business technology. For more information please visit:,,, and