Announcement by Loma Negra

In connection with the article published in todays edition of the Argentine newspaper Ambito Financiero entitled A very serious accusation against Loma Negra the Company states that:

  • the Company is in no way involved, either directly or indirectly, in any corruption case mentioned in the article, including in the so called causa de los cuadernos, or in any other investigation involving similar facts.
  • Loma Negra is the major cement producer in the country that “ within its activities “ provides cement and concrete to private companies that execute public work agreements, having with these companies only a commercial relationship.
  • Loma Negra do not and did not take part in public work contracts with the National Government.

In connection with the supposed allegations of having omitted information when issuing its International Public Offering the Company categorically rejects them all as they are totally inadmissible and without merit. In addition, Loma Negra has not been notified so far of the supposed class action claim referred in the newspaper article mentioned above, although the Company will exercise its defense in due time.

Finally, we remark that the Company always performs its activities in accordance with applicable laws and ethic and compliance rules and principles.

Cecilia Grierson
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