With China’s Economic Prospects Sound, the Focus Shifts to Structural Issues, According to the World Bank

China’s growth has moderated somewhat to a still healthy pace, with a shifting composition, according to the World Bank’s latest China Quarterly Update released today.

The Update, a regular assessment of China’s economy, finds that GDP growth declined from 10.6 percent in the first half to a still surprisingly strong 9.6 percent (year on year) in the third quarter.


Honduras/World Bank: US$74.7 Million for Fiscal Balance

WASHINGTON DC, NOVEMBER 9, 2010 – The World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved a US$74.7 million loan to support a program designed by the Honduran government to address its difficult short term fiscal situation and balance fiscal accounts, which will bear fruit in the middle and long term, thus boosting the country’s development.


World Bank Approves US$150 Million for Social Protection

The World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved a US$150 million loan today for the Dominican Republic to support the introduction of a results-based accountability system to measure progress in social protection, mainly education and health, in order to expand human capital and improve the transparency and quality of public spending.


MIGA Significantly Expands Pool of Eligible Investments

The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), a member of the World Bank Group, announced today that the agency’s Council of Governors has approved substantial changes to its convention. These changes are the first since the agency was established in 1988 and will allow MIGA to insure more investments and thereby increase its development impact.


Twenty Developing Countries To Use Sun, Wind and Geothermal To Radically Reshape Citizens’ Energy Access

In a significant trend to rebalance energy services toward clean technology, twenty developing countries are investing in large-scale renewables, particularly solar, wind and geothermal services, as a robust source of energy access for their citizens. Just weeks before the global climate negotiating session in Cancun, this trend away from high-emissions sources and toward clean energy sounds a positive note for real climate-smart development.