With the current economic climate and funding as difficult as it is to obtain for new ventures, leading venture capital and private equity firm Asia Pacific Investment House (APIH) brings hope to those struggling to find capital for their projects and exciting new direct investment opportunities for investors.

Asia Pacific Investment House

Asia Pacific Investment House

With a very diverse and global client base, APIH’s business is principally divided into 3 key categories; Project Funding, Turnkey Consultancy Services and Project Investment Opportunities.

APIH invests in and raises capital to provide VC and PE participations to clients, both directly and indirectly through feeder funds. Extremely selective of the projects it takes on board, before taking a project APIH exposes it to the market via a pre-marketing enquiry amongst potential investors. This tests the appetite to invest, measuring how long it will take from inception to final funding. APIH funds global projects across a wide range of sectors including though not limited to; Renewable Energy, Construction, Tourism and Leisure, Airlines, Infrastructure Development and Manufacturing.

In direct response to market forces and indeed its investors, APIH has formed an additional, specialized team which focuses solely on funding Luxury Mixed-Use Resorts & Theme Parks.


Asia Pacific Investment House

Asia Pacific Investment House

Regardless of when in the development cycle APIH is approached for funding, it is able to provide support every step of the way right through from project conception to project completion and beyond. With both international experience and local market knowledge, its experts assist in assessing and managing the many variables that can affect the outcome of a project. Current services in its portfolio include; preliminary evaluation, strategic planning, due diligence, funding, legal & contracts, project management, financial planning, exit strategies, developing & executing PR, Communications, Sales & Marketing plans, host country negotiations, supplier/contractor/3rd party negotiations, drafting, reviewing and negotiating project docs and overseeing the disbursement etc.

APIH offers off-shore direct investment projects and opportunities and in order to further consolidate its European activities, recently partnered with Santos Vanderbilt, a specialist Investment Marketing Centre located in Barcelona, Spain. Thus expanding its team of Industry Investment Specialists handling its investment opportunities. APIH now offers an even more extensive range of off-shore projects and opportunities to Investors and can respond more efficiently and rapidly to Investor demands and enquiries during the fundraising process.

Company History
APIH is the culmination of over 18 years’ experience in the financial sector, for the most part in large infrastructure developments. Seizing the opportunity to capitalize on extensive knowledge developed through global projects across multiple industries and strategic alliances with major banks, institutions and hedge funds, APIH was founded. Always striving to anticipate and react quickly to trends, searching for opportunities in new and emerging markets, APIH turns business plans into sellable private placement memorandums transforming ideas into capital and subsequently, reality.

Registered in the off-shore regime of the British Virgin Islands, APIH does not deliver any regulated services and accordingly, is currently unregulated.

News of APIH’s Advisory Board, which comprises experienced current and former Executives of many leading international companies is due to be announced 1Q 2014.

Smaller Investors are dealt with by the Capital Raising Centre in Barcelona APIH partner Santos Vanderbilt, whereas for larger investor parties and institutional investors, the Singapore Headquarters service the market.

Barclay Hamilton Steele is another of APIH’s strategic partners and undertakes financial, legal and commercial due diligence on each and every project or concept presented to APIH. The company, well established in the sector, has years of experience in providing bespoke due diligence solutions and a team of analysts each specialised in their sector.

More detailed information regarding APIH including its latest global projects and investment opportunities can be found at

Corporate Headquarters:
Level 39,
Tower 2 Marina Bay Finance Center,
10 Marina Boulevard,
Singapore 018982.
Telephone: +65 6818 6377

Press & Media Enquiries:
Claire Smedley
PR & Communications Manager
Tel: +34 666 669 160

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